CBD 25%

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Drops CBD, 10ml 25%



Our company produces the highest quality, original pure substance characterized by dark colour and intense odour, and the client receives physically the same content of CBD as we declare on the labels.


Oils produced by our company are under a complete sanitary control, the production is done in a professional way, so our CBD drops harmonizes processes in the body than pose a threat to a patient.


CBD  - i.e. cannabidiol is a legal product made of Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus female flowers without a psychoactive effect. The extract obtained is the purest and the strongest organic substance with anti-inflammatory properties and contributes in fighting off free radicals.


25% CBD + CBDA (2500 mg ± 10%  deviation)  in the hemp seed oil.

Drops: 10 ml Application: under the tongue, once a day, 2-5 drops.

CBDs are completely natural and ideal for everyday use. Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. Once opened, hold in the fridge. CBD overdose is impossible !!!


A description of the effects of cbd: www.konopnaapteka.pl