L-ascorbic acid

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Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid and L- ascorbic acid) as a supplement is used to

treat colds and prevent scurvy.


Everyday use will boost the immune system. It’s one of the most important soluble nutritional ingredients in the human body. The greatest advantage of this substance is the  helpful part it plays in immunosuppression.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits the ageing process of the  skin. It also combats free radicals and has a beneficial effect on the general efficiency of the body - protecting against tumors and pathological conditions.

The human body does not produce vitamin c, which is  why it is so important to administer regularly, several times a day.

Vitamin C should be taken regularly at lower intervals, as it is more effective than taking one big dose per day.

A healthy person should take 4 to 15 g of vitamin C within 24 hours, ideally spread over 4-6 doses.
In the case of illness such as flu 100 to 150 g per day should be taken spread across 8 to 20 doses.
In the case of colds 30 to 60 g across 6 to 10 doses should be taken per day.
In the case of a severe cold take 60 to 100 g in 8 to 15 doses.