Active gel for tired and sore legs

Price: 2.50 €

Active gel for tired and sore legs with chestnut, plantain and ginkgo 200 ml /FAST RELIEF FORMULA/ contains flavonoids rich natural extract of chestnut, ginkgo and plantain, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties.


Biologically active extracts have a sealing effect on blood vessels, astringent, smoothing and elasticizing the skin.


Regular use of the gel positively affects the condition of blood vessels, shrinks dilated capillaries, eliminates symptoms of heavy and tired legs, reduces swelling and prevents formation of swelling.


The gel does not cause skin irritation. Dermatologically tested.


Recommendations: Leg gel with chestnut, ginkgo and plantain intended for care of skin of the whole body, especially for places where there are dilated blood vessels so-called "spider veins". To be used on lower limbs in varicose veins, muscle pain and swelling with a feeling of "heaviness" in the legs.