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The product range of the Bjococo store contains not only healthy food, coconut products and natural juices but also various products made from cannabis. These goods are known all over the world for their beneficial properties and many people use them as an element that supports and harmonizes processes in the body. The cannabis products in our online store are both in the form of cosmetics and articles for consumption. You may need such products as shampoo, hair conditioner, bath salt or soap while taking a bath or a shower. What is more, we recommend using some moisturizing or warming creams as well as ointments from CBD on your dried body. On the other hand, such food products as cannabis oil and cannabis seeds are great products that can be included to your daily diet.



CBD - a cannabis substance that harmonizes processes in the body

Despite cannabis cosmetics and cannabis food products, there are goods with a much higher concentration of cannabis in our online store. Such product is cannabidiol, also commonly known as CBD. This substance is made of female flowers of Cannabis Sativa which, however, are short of their psychoactive effect. Thanks to this, the CBD substance is completely safe and legal and, at the same time, offers you the strongest and purest product that can be successfully used to fight free radicals. Customers around the world use CBD as a support in the fight against various